Miles-Moore Ceramics is the South Lakes studio of husband and wife potters Martin and Siobhan. Whilst our work is very different in style our sources of our inspiration are very similar, and our philosophies overlap. We both gain inspiration from the amazing landscape and environment in which we work, the shapes, colours and textures as well as the natural materials that we forage for to create glazes and integrate into our work.


Martin’s work often has a Japanese influence in terms of form, function or finish. All  his work demonstrates his love of the Shibui principle of simple subtle and unobtrusive beauty.

His specialist area of focus is the creation of both wheelthrown and handbuilt tea bowls, ceremonial and every day. This fascination with how different cultures approach and value drinking and eating vessels has lead Martin to work with chefs as well as private individuals, producing bespoke fine dining ware.


Siobhan creates microcosms; ceramic sculptures for domestic and corporate settings.

These explore perspective:  and the idea that where we choose to stand and how we choose to look, alters our emotional engagement with both internal and external landscapes.

She integrates precious metals and unrefined foraged materials into her work.