HandMADE Ceramic Stoneware from Cumbria


by Martin & Siobhan

From formal tea ceremonies to every day rituals. Explore this beautiful functional art.

With a lifelong passion for Japan it is no suprise that Martin has chosen to focus so much effort into developing ceremonial as well as everyday tea bowls.He is enjoying the early stages of this lifelong project.

Ceramic Sculptures

Ceramic sculpture using iconic materials. Playing with light, perspective and texture.
Her current hand built work, uses clay as a base, but integrates a range of other materials from stone chips to gold leaf. She is interested in the way that we all look at things and the impact that has on what we see. An understanding of our own perspective is what keeps us safe in the hills and in our own lives.

The sphere is a shape that evokes many things from eggs to the Big Bang and it is only by looking inside these forms that we understand their full story. Using foraged and found materials is an important element of her work, honouring a long family history of environmental awareness and sensitivity.

Fine Dining Ware

Handmade dining ware. Telling the same story as your food. For passionate Chefs in restaurants and homes.
We really enjoy working with passionate and creative Chefs. We are lucky that some of the professional chefs we work with are best in the country. We regard this work as being a collaboration between artists, they work in food; we in clay.

Our work with professional Chefs, means we can share these lesson with our equally passionate domestic chefs.

Our roots

Lie in the beautiful landscape that surrounds us.  We both grew up surrounded by hills and water. Wherever we travel we make time to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. Integrating iconic local materials, helps develop a connection to a sense of place.

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